About - Playgirls Northern Beaches



Our philosophy is based on over 50 years involvement in the global sex industry. We know what makes people tick, and what people want.

We recognise the Australian sex industry is diverse in what is offered. We’ve seen the rise in ‘International’, high turnover, low priced options, with little to no human connection beyond the physical act. Those looking for that at Playgirls Northern Beaches will be sorely disappointed.

At Playgirls Northern Beaches we want to satisfy and exhilarate you on multiple levels — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Personal gratification is enhanced when you build a connection with your bedroom companion. At Playgirls Northern Beaches our stunning ladies are tuned in to what you want, what you need and what role they can play in taking you to sexual nirvana.

Our ladies are immensely attractive and masters of their craft, with a broad sexual repertoire of skills that will torture you with pleasure. However, it is the emotional connection, that warm feeling inside, that will ensure that your visit is one for the ages. A magnificent memory burnt in to your soul that will guarantee you will be back for more.

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