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A Welcome Sight After Days of Work

Chatswood is Sydney’s cultural hub on the north shore where people go to work hard and play harder. If you live or are staying in Chatswood, treat yourself and have a beautiful, sophisticated lady show up at your door for some adult fun.

Why Have A Playgirl With You While In Chatswood

Our girls are far from your typical escorts. Not only are they sophisticated, groomed and refined companions, but they’re also intelligent and love getting to know you better.

Apart from being masters of pleasure, they also love to engage in conversations from sweet and funny to the deep and philosophical.

We’ve been in the industry for 50 years and we’ve learned that the key to satisfaction is effective communication of your wants, needs and desires.

Chatswood: The Cultural Hub of Sydney’s North Shore

10km North of the Sydney Harbor Bridge is Chatswood, a bustling district teaming with life. The skyscrapers of the business district could easily be seen from a distance with residential districts surrounding it.

With 3 major shopping centres and various housing options, Chatswood has something for everyone.

Young professionals often settle here to work and play as nearly everything they want and need is within reach, including one of Chatswood’s finest escorts.

Where to Find Us

Playgirls Northern Beaches is a first class establishment located in Sydney’s north, right at the heart of Brookvale. Just take a bus from Chatswood Station, Stand C to Warringah Mall, Pittwater, Stand D (refer to the Google Map directions above).

They are also available to flaunt their prowess of pleasure in nearby suburbs including Manly, Dee Why, Frenchs Forest, and Narrabeen.

If you want to experience a different kind of playtime on your adventures, do not hesitate to contact our team and we’ll make sure to give you the best you deserve!



Address: 14A Roger Street, Brookvale, 2100
Inhouse: 0438 700 710
Escort: 0497 667 824
Email: [email protected]

First Time Visit
Come and play! Here’s how to find us:
1. Make your way to Roger Street (Close to Pittwater Road)
2. Look for Tyreright (the orange building)
3. Enter on the left of the building and come up the stairs
4. Welcome to Playgirls

Playgirls Northern Beaches Our Location

Inhouse: 0438 700 710
Escort: 0497 667 824