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Private Escort Frenchs Forest

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Savour the new Frenchs Forest with a Playgirl

With the town of Frenchs Forest has undergone a rezoning, big changes are happening for this quiet town in the Forest District. But another big thing happening is that our Playgirls are more than ready to see you in Frenchs Forest.

Just imagine one our gorgeous and sophisticated ladies knocking on your door and taking you on a rollercoaster ride you’ll never want to get off.

Why choose a Playgirl on your trips to Frenchs Forest

Our Playgirls are the ultimate escorts. Not only are they incredibly attractive and experts in pleasure, but they are also intelligent. Above all, they know how to keep you comfortable and love to engage in all sorts of conversations.

Frenchs Forest: The Lush Suburb of Sydney’s Northern Beaches and the Forest District

Frenchs Forest is a town that is part of both Northern Beaches and the Forest District. With cooler winters and summers, it’s a popular alternative to the city.

Being far from downtown Sydney, the town is green and well maintained despite the rezoning project which will add more houses and amenities.

Where to Find Us?

Playgirls Northern Beaches is a first class establishment located in Sydney’s north, right at the heart of Brookvale. All you have to do is drive down Frenchs Forest Rd. E, merge onto Warringah Rd., turn left to Beacon Hill Rd., continue onto Roger St. and look for an orange Tyreright building on the right. Enter through the door on the left and go up the stairs (refer to the Google Map directions above).

They are also available to flaunt their prowess of pleasure in nearby suburbs including Manly, Dee Why, Chatswood, and Narrabeen.

If you want to experience a different kind of playtime on your adventures, do not hesitate to contact our team and we’ll make sure to give you the best you deserve!



Address: 14A Roger Street, Brookvale, 2100
Inhouse: 0438 700 710
Escort: 0497 667 824
Email: [email protected]

First Time Visit
Come and play! Here’s how to find us:
1. Make your way to Roger Street (Close to Pittwater Road)
2. Look for Tyreright (the orange building)
3. Enter on the left of the building and come up the stairs
4. Welcome to Playgirls

Playgirls Northern Beaches Our Location

Inhouse: 0438 700 710
Escort: 0497 667 824